Release. Security Upgrade and User-Centric Features For Tests Design

Security Upgrade: Personal Tokens Replace API Keys

In this latest release, we're taking your test management solution's security to the next level by introducing the Personal Tokens feature. This upgrade replaces traditional API keys with a more robust and user-centric approach, ensuring heightened data protection and access control. Personal Tokens provide a distinct and personalized layer of access control, enhancing both the security and convenience of your testing workflows.

Project Tokens: With Project Tokens, you can create dedicated tokens for specific projects. These tokens are uniquely associated with a particular project, ensuring that automated test imports and reporting are limited to the intended project. This targeted approach minimizes risks associated with unauthorized access to project-related data.

General Token: The General Token is a versatile access key designed to streamline API access for all users across projects. Unlike project-specific tokens, the General Token provides a centralized point of access, ensuring seamless interaction with the API for all your companies and projects.


It's important to note that your existing API keys will continue to function seamlessly. We understand the importance of maintaining uninterrupted workflows, and we've ensured that this upgrade does not disrupt your ongoing operations.

Precise Test and Suite Creation

Efficiency meets organization in our latest feature release. We're excited to present Positional Creation, a powerful addition to your test management arsenal. With this enhancement, users can now create tests and suites exactly where they need them in the test tree, eliminating the need for subsequent reorganization. This intuitive feature optimizes your workflow by ensuring that your test hierarchy is spot-on from the moment of creation. The feature aligns seamlessly with your natural approach to structuring tests and suites, enhancing your overall user experience.


Tags Autocompletion for BDD

With the autocomplete dropdown, tag entry becomes effortless. Begin typing, and the system will promptly display suggestions from your existing tag list, minimizing the chances of creating unintentional duplicates. By using existing tags, you maintain consistency, ensuring that your filtering efforts yield precise results. The tag autocomplete feature aligns seamlessly with your tag-related tasks, providing a user-friendly and intuitive experience that saves you time and reduces frustration. Now this feature is available in BDD projects as well in classical.


Enhanced Suite Saving

Our suite saving process just got smarter and more user-centric. With the introduction of "Save and View Suite" and "Save and Close All," you now have the flexibility to save your suite edits while seamlessly transitioning to suite viewing or closing all open suites in one swift action.


Direct Attachment Insertion

The improved attachment feature allows you to insert attachments directly within the editor area, eliminating the need for separate file management or complex formatting. By inserting screenshots and images directly into the editor, you're enhancing the visual representation of your tests, making them more informative. Team collaboration becomes more efficient as you can now provide context-sensitive attachments right where they matter most – within the test content.


One-Click Run Group Setup

Simplify your testing environment configuration process with our latest enhancement – the "Include All Environments" option in Run Group setup. This feature empowers you to effortlessly include all available testing environments in your Run Group with a single click, saving you time and reducing manual effort.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Fixed Public report creation at the first attempt
  • Fixed Error "Format can't be parsed" for xml report import with xunit automation test results
  • Added CI Build URL in Testomat report launched on CI
  • Fixed Public reports tests counters show wrong numbers
  • Improved test cases update in Run if Plan was changed
  • Improvement: Exit in editor closes everything
  • Removed BDD feature file conversion to Folder (since Feature File is a file in fact it can't be converted to Folder)
  • Fixed error message after Saving changes in test suit
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team