Release. Efficient Saves, Accurate Reporting, and Data Consistency

Enhanced Data Consistency in Test Reporting

Your team can actively be running tests and generating reports to analyze the quality of your software builds. However, you may encounter a challenge where some reported tests did not match the tests present in their project within This inconsistency in test reporting can lead to confusion and inaccuracies in their assessment of test outcomes.

Our latest enhancement addresses situations where reported tests don't match tests within your project. To bolster data consistency, test reports now include only tests that have been previously imported into the project. This safeguard ensures that your reports accurately represent the tests relevant to your project's scope. will inform you that some of the reported tests could not be matched to tests in the project and provide the ability to create unmatched tests, so they will be shown as matched ones.


Suite and Folder Creation with Parent Folder Selection

Previously, creating test suites and folders required separate steps for structuring your test hierarchy. Our latest improvement simplifies this process by allowing you to pick a parent folder directly when creating a new test suite or folder. Save new suite/ folder to Root by default or pick a parent folder. This intuitive approach ensures that your test hierarchy is well-organized from the outset, enhancing the clarity and structure of your testing projects.

Save new suite/ folder to Root by default or pick a parent folder.


Optimized Edit Confirmation: Tests and Suites

In the past, the confirmation prompt that appeared while editing tests or suites could sometimes feel intrusive, even when changes were minimal. With our improvement, this confirmation prompt now appears only when there are unsaved changes to a test or suite. This refined approach ensures that you're prompted to confirm changes only when necessary, allowing you to work uninterrupted when no changes are present.


Create Unmatched Tests: Enhanced 'Save and' Options

Introducing a set of enhanced save options designed to streamline your test and suite management workflow.

Save: This classic option allows you to promptly save your changes while staying on the current test, providing a quick and simple way to maintain your progress.

Save + View Test: For efficient transitions between tasks, this option lets you save your work while immediately viewing the test in question.

Save + Go To Suite: Ideal for maintaining continuity in your testing projects, this choice lets you save your changes and seamlessly navigate to the suite you're working on.

Save + Close All: When you're ready to wrap up your work session, this option ensures all open tests and suites are saved and closed simultaneously, allowing you to conclude your work efficiently.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Improved Pulse reverting to the last changes with drag and drop
  • Fixed sorting branches on Branсhes page
  • Closed ability to switch to merged branch and add tests in the scope of it
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team