Release. Playwright Trace Viewer, Terminated Runs, and JIRA plugin improvement

Playwright Trace Viewer Integration

With a single click, open the Playwright Trace Viewer directly from The Playwright Trace Viewer integration is designed to empower testers and developers with unparalleled insights into test executions. Take advantage of this feature to streamline debugging, enhance collaboration, and accelerate your testing process.

  1. setup S3 Bucket (see dedicated documentation)
  2. enable third-party cookies in your browser
  3. run your tests
  4. click the test
  5. click the


Terminated Runs

Sometimes, during test automation, unexpected issues may arise, or a test can be stopped for various reasons. For example, during the execution of the problematic test case, some gateway becomes unresponsive due to a server issue. This issue was unforeseen and not within the control of the testing team. detects the problem and initiates a termination of the problematic test case. The custom timeout you defined (min 30 minutes) comes into play. If the test case does not complete within this time frame, it is terminated automatically.

So you can terminate test runs without causing disruptions and you can set custom timeouts for terminated runs.


Terminated Runs Notification

Notifying users when a test run in CI/CD exceeds a specified duration is an important feature for maintaining efficient testing processes. Set your own threshold for acceptable test run duration. When a test run exceeds this threshold, you'll receive an instant notification. No more waiting anxiously for results.

You can terminate test runs without causing disruptions and you can set custom timeouts for terminated runs.


And enable Notifications for Terminated Runs.


Extended End Point To Get Run Details For JIRA Ticket newly extended API endpoint is not just a feature—it's a bridge to a more integrated and efficient workflow between your test management system and JIRA. No need for manual data transfers or cross-referencing multiple platforms. Please see dedicated API documentation


Save time and reduce manual steps by linking your test plans to JIRA tickets means you can initiate your testing right from your JIRA dashboard, eliminating the need for switching between systems.

  1. Create or select a test plan within our test management system.
  2. Link the test plan to a specific JIRA ticket by simply providing the JIRA issue ID.
  3. See your test plan is now directly associated with the JIRA ticket, and you can launch it directly from the JIRA plugin.


Explanation To Input Variables Tab for CI

Input variables allow you to inject dynamic data into your CI jobs, adapting your pipeline to different environments, branches, or scenarios. Our Input Variables Tab is designed to fit into your CI/CD workflow. Improved Input Variables Tab will adjust to your CI and show dedicated format.


Make Report Publicly Available in CI

With reporter v 1.0.10, we added the ability to pass the link to public Run Report in your terminal or CI. Please see the dedicated documentation


Enhanced Test Tree Navigation

We've made it even easier for you to navigate and manage your test cases with the relocation of the "Add New Test," "Edit," and "Delete" options to the right side of the screen within the test tree. Enjoy quick and convenient access to these essential functions.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Search for project token by project name
  • Add CI Link to the public report from notifications
  • Increase max-hight for the logs card element
  • No Status Updates - User notification
  • Search filter for Living documentation cannot be cleared unless from the URL
  • "Repository URL" field doesn't have URL validation in Project creation page
  • Link with more than 255 symbols in "Repository URL" cause 500 error on Create operation
  • Deleting the "Run Group" with blank name cause 500 error
  • The project title with length more than 255 cause 500 error on Save operation
  • The Company title with length more than 255 cause 500 error on Save operation
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team