Release. Testomatio Reporter Upgrade, Query History, UI Refinements

Testomatio Reporter Version 1.1.0

Exciting updates in our latest Testomatio Reporter version:

  • Rewritten logger and artifacts storage. Test reports contain logs, steps, stack traces
  • Added custom method to log data
  • Added custom function to add a step
  • Mocha: improved creating tests with TESTOMATIO_CREATE=1
  • JUnit XML: improved parsing Java tests that contain @DisplayName annotation
  • Cypress: Fixed repoting stacktraces & tests duration (for Cypress version 13+)
  • Cypress: Fixed uploading artifacts
  • Added retries while uploading artifacts to S3 storage
  • Added TESTOMATIO_TOKEN and TESTOMATIO_API_KEY as aliases to TESTOMATIO environment variable to pass project key to reporter
  • Assign Run by label

Upgrade to the latest Testomatio Reporter for an enriched test reporting experience with enhanced logging, custom steps, and improved integrations. See more details here.

TQL History and Autocompletion

In our latest Testomat update, we're glad to introduce two features to enhance your testing efficiency:

Query History Navigation:
Now, easily revisit and reuse your recent queries with a simple click. Press the arrow down, and unlock the power of query history – a convenient way to quickly access and reuse your most recent and frequently used queries.

Intelligent Autocompletion:
We've also added a smart autocompletion feature to assist you in crafting queries swiftly. Enjoy a seamless query-writing experience as Testomat anticipates and suggests commands, making the process faster and more intuitive.

These enhancements to Testomat Query Language (TQL) are designed to elevate your test management experience, providing you with streamlined and intelligent tools for crafting and reusing queries. Discover TQL with our latest features for enhanced productivity in your testing workflows.


"Select All Tests" in Test Tree Multiselect

When using multiselect in the Test tree, you can save time using "Select all tests" within a suite. This option allows you to switch to test management within a suite and select/ deselect tests while working with the suite. Enjoy the convenience of a more efficient and comprehensive test management process.


BDD Scenario Creation Improvement

News for BDD enthusiasts! We've fine-tuned your experience when writing scenarios with automatic keyword insertion. Now, creating a new Feature file or Scenario Testomat automatically inserts the essential keywords—'Feature' and 'Scenario' streamlining your BDD scenario crafting process.


Updated UI For Steps Page

1. Simplified Creation Menus:
We've streamlined the menu for creating tests and snippets, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly process. Enjoy a clutter-free interface that allows you to focus on what matters most—creating impactful tests and snippets.


2. Steps Autocompletion Menu:
Now, when creating or editing snippets, easily enable steps autocompletion. This menu provides a quick and convenient way to enhance the precision and speed of your snippet creation, making your Steps page experience better.


Displaying Latest 5 Run Statuses in Issues Widget

We've enhanced the Issues widget to provide you with even more immediate insights. You can now effortlessly view the latest 5 run statuses directly within the widget, ensuring you stay informed and in control. Explore the updated widget for a snapshot of your most recent testing dynamics.


Runs: Multiselection Menu Update

We've made a small update to enhance Runs UX. In the multiselection menu, we've organized options more efficiently by placing some under the 'Extra' menu button. Don't miss any features 😉


Improved Instructions For Jenkins

We added instructions to ensure that Testomatio IP addresses are allowed to access your Jenkins environment


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Fixed tags propagation to suites within a Folder
  • Fixed filtering by custom fields (labels) for Runs page
  • Fixed adding tests\suites to launched Test Run not corresponding to repository structure
  • Fixed tag propagation to suites inside the folder
  • Added option to unpick emoji from suite
  • Improved UI to inform about purging runs in Runs Archive
  • Fixed disappearing Artifacts in Run Reports
  • Fixed Test Tree updating after creating new tests
  • Improved test result comments view - saves text formatting
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team