Release. Enhanced Test Design and Execution, Customizable Data Retention

Customize Run Retention Period in Project Settings

Our system continues to handle run maintenance by automatically purging old runs daily. By default, our system automatically purges runs older than 90 days daily. Now, users have the flexibility to adjust this retention period based on their specific project requirements. The introduction of customizable retention periods allows users to fine-tune this automated process, striking the perfect balance between data cleanliness and historical record preservation.
To do this Open project > Settings > Project > Purge Old Runs > Setup your value > Update


Testomat provides option to export Run Reports as spreadsheet so you can get your data in xlsx file. See how it works here.

Visual Storytelling: Image Integration in BDD Scenarios

In a significant enhancement to our BDD capabilities, we're thrilled to introduce the ability to add images to BDD scenarios. Now, users can seamlessly integrate visuals into their scenarios, enhancing the clarity and communicative power of their behavior-driven tests.

Transform your BDD scenarios into more expressive narratives by incorporating images. Whether it's a diagram, a screenshot, or any visual representation, this feature empowers users to convey complex information with greater precision and clarity.


Copy Test Description for Quick Test Creation

In a bid to simplify and expedite your test design process, we're excited to introduce new feature — Copy Test Description. Now, users can effortlessly duplicate test descriptions, reducing the effort required when creating new tests and fostering a more efficient and consistent test design experience.


Labels Visibility For Test Plans

This improvement ensures that labels are more prominently displayed, providing users with a clearer and more intuitive test planning experience. Navigate through your test plans seamlessly with improved label visibility. During editing, the increased prominence of labels allows users to effortlessly review and modify test plans, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient editing experience.


Reset Test Result During Test Execution

This feature allows users to make on-the-fly adjustments during test execution, ensuring that the test status accurately reflects the current testing conditions. Whether you need to revisit a test or encounter unforeseen conditions, the "None" status option provides a quick and convenient way to reset the test status, maintaining the integrity of your test results.


Horizontal Slider in Run Report Test Detail View

This feature empowers users to expand the view area, providing a more convenient and immersive reading experience for logs and detailed test result information.


Option To Upload Tests in Manual Run

There may be cases when tests don't upload automatically during manual execution. To prevent this we added manual test upload option, so you have the assurance of completing your test execution seamlessly, even in cases that require a more hands-on approach.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Improved import for Qase
  • Fixed broken UI for test parametes with 20+ items
  • Fixed missing assignee in Run Archive
  • Fixed: Runs section default view is displaying chart with run history wrongly
  • Fixed test description pointer incorrect placement and visibility for Windows
  • Fixed: Feature File description is not shown in Living documentation
  • Fixed: Steps in cases are shown as bullets instead of numbers in test runs
  • Improved analytics widgets chart visibility
  • Improved “Install Webhook” behavior in Jira settings
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team