Release. Labels Upgrade, Run Group Archive, Read-only for Project

Extended Labels Functionality

We've expanded Testomatio labels, allowing you to apply them directly during test editing. Simply click Advanced Edit Settings when editing test description and click Add Label button.

Plus, you can now create new labels on-the-fly while applying them, making your test management more flexible.


Also we made labels more visible in UI. You can see applied labels in Test detail-view screen


As well as while filtering by labels


With this enhancement, managing and organizing your tests with Testomatio labels became easier. Stay organized and in control of your testing processes with our enhanced label functionality.

Archive Run Groups Manually

We've enhanced the Run Groups Archive functionality by introducing the ability to manually archive run groups. This improvement helps with organization and ensures that users can efficiently prioritize active run groups while maintaining easy access to historical data. With manual archiving, managing test execution data becomes even more flexible and tailored to users' specific workflow needs.


Bulk Tests Deletion from Ongoing Run

We've enhanced test run management by introducing bulk deletion functionality for active test runs. Now, users can select multiple suites and tests using multiselection and delete them in one go, saving valuable time.


Read-only Mode On Project Level

There may be cases when some team members should have Read-only access in some projects and write access in others. We've introduced a new feature that allows you to manage user permissions across projects finely. Now, you can assign specific team members as Read-Only for selected projects while granting them full write access to others. This enhancement empowers you to control access rights precisely, ensuring optimal project management tailored to your team's needs.


Test Plans Improvements

This time we enhanced creating and editing Test Plans:

  • We fixed 50 test limit when using Testomat Query Language
  • Using filters became more flexible, for example, now you can combine filters results and pick suites
  • Improved Tests tree checkboxes interaction

We provided ability to match automated tests with suites by suite ids. Namely, you can copy a suite tag and apply it to your automated tests. So tests with the suite tag will be placed in that suite in your Testomat project after importing from your source code.


Added Rule Expression to Mail Notification

Now, Testomat will attach triggered notification rules directly to emails, ensuring that recipients receive timely alerts based on predefined triggers. This feature improves communication by ensuring that relevant stakeholders are promptly informed of testing updates.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Fixed 50 tests limit when creating a plan by query or filters
  • Fixed spam notifications for CI/CD reports
  • Fixed duplicating suites when importing Jest TS tests
  • Fixed tests versions in Runs
  • Imporoved import suite as manual by tag
  • Improved showing table for Scenario Outline for automated BDD tests
  • Fixed redirect to the selected pagination page on test run history tab
  • Improved Test Tree update when creating new tests in Suite detail-view
  • Closed Read-only users access to Manual Run та Launch buttons within a RunGroup
  • Fixed changing test case position to the previous after opening another test case or closing and re-opening the test suite
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team