Release. Introducing Templates, Runs Archive, and Analytics Enhancement

Introducing Templates in Testomat

In the fast-paced world of software testing, efficiency is key. We understand that creating tests and managing defects can sometimes be time-consuming, requiring attention to detail. That's why we're excited to introduce a new feature – Templates.

With our new Templates feature, designing tests and suites has never been more effortless. Imagine having pre-defined templates at your fingertips, ready to kickstart your testing process.

Creating a new test? Click, select a template, and you're on your way. Our intuitive interface lets you choose from a variety of templates, you can setup to different testing scenarios. No more starting from scratch – just pick the template that best fits your needs, and you're ready to roll.

Templates aren't just for tests – they extend to defect reporting too. Simplify the process of reporting bugs with pre-configured templates.

Managing templates is a breeze. Head to Project > Settings > Templates to access the centralized hub for configuring and customizing your templates. Labels and tags make organization a snap, ensuring that finding the right template is as easy as a few clicks.

Ready to experience the power of Templates? 🚀 See how it works here.

Elevate Your Test Planning with Testomat Query Language

In our continuous quest for innovation, we're glad to announce integration of Testomat Query Language (TQL) into the creation of test plans.

Experience the real-time impact of TQL as you create your test plans. As you fine-tune your queries, see the test cases matching your criteria populate your plan instantly. This dynamic inclusion process ensures that your test plan remains aligned with your testing objectives throughout the planning phase.


Export TQL Search Results to Spreadsheet

Craft your TQL search query to pinpoint the exact test cases you need, and with a simple click, export the results as a spreadsheet. The exported spreadsheet becomes a shareable and accessible resource for your team. Collaborate effortlessly by distributing the spreadsheet, enabling stakeholders to review, analyze, and contribute insights, fostering a collaborative and informed testing environment.


Archive Test Runs Manually

This time we added option to manually archive test runs. This feature provides users with the flexibility to declutter their main board, ensuring that only relevant and active test runs take center stage while preserving valuable historical data.

Navigate to the Runs page and take control of your test run visibility. Manually archive runs that are no longer in focus, allowing you to maintain a clean and organized main board tailored to your ongoing testing priorities.


Archived runs find a new home in the dedicated Runs Archive section. This segregated space ensures that your archived data is easily accessible without cluttering the main board. The Runs Archive comes equipped with filtering capabilities.


Tabs in Run Reports for Defect Tracking

Introducing refined Run Report interface that enhances your defect tracking experience. We've added new tabs to the Run Report, providing users with quick and direct access to tests, suites, and a dedicated Defects tab. This streamlined design ensures that tracking and managing defects is more intuitive.


"Created By" Filter on Runs Page

The "Created By" filter introduces a personalized touch to your test run management. Easily isolate test runs created by specific team members, streamlining collaboration and ensuring that you focus on runs most relevant to your workflow.


Date Filtering For Analytics

Introducing filtering capabilities by date to our Analytics functionality. Apply date filters to analytics widgets, allowing you to focus on specific periods and unveil insights relevant to your chosen timeframe. This dynamic visualization enhances your ability to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies within distinct timeframes.


Tag-Based Filtering for Automation Coverage Widget

Now, users can navigate to Analytics, specifically the Automation Coverage section, and leverage the newly introduced "Filter" button to access Tags filter. The Automation Coverage widget now provides insights into automated coverage across suites and folders, filtered by your chosen tags. The addition of tag-based filtering brings a new layer of precision to your automation coverage analysis. Customize your view by selecting tags that are relevant to your analysis, ensuring that you focus on specific aspects of your test automation.


Project Name Visibility Across Sub-Pages

Another UI enhancement that brings added clarity and convenience to your test management experience. The project name now takes a prime position on every sub-page, providing users with instant context and project identification.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Fixed 500 error for some Public reports
  • Fixed not getting automated count updated in analytics for the tag applied to a folder
  • Fixed adding all tests to empty Plan
  • Fixed long text cut off in the comment in manual run
  • Fixed Code Templates missing after changing Testing Framework in project settings
  • Fixed infinite loader when the JIRA project connection is removed
  • Fixed search for tags and labels for the analytics section
  • Fixed imported test history shows 'Deleted user' as creator
  • Fixed updating Filters counters on Runs page
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team