Release. Testomat Query Language, Enhanced Editing, Test Priority Control, and More

In this release, we're thrilled to unveil a powerful feature: Testomat Query Language. This addition empowers users to perform advanced searches for necessary test cases and suites based on a variety of criteria, including test name, priority, manual/automated status, tags, labels, created timestamp, updated timestamp, and status run. Here are main benefits:

Comprehensive Query Capabilities: Leverage the query language to craft complex search queries using logical operators such as OR and AND, NOT enabling precise and tailored searches.
Intuitive List View: Query results are displayed in a clear and intuitive list view, providing a quick overview of the matching test cases.
Effortless Navigation: Click on any test case in the list view to open and view the details, streamlining the process of reviewing and managing your test cases.

With the introduction of Query Language, we've empowered users to perform nuanced and targeted searches, enhancing the overall efficiency and organization of test case management. Explore the potential of Query Language to discover, navigate, and manage your test cases with unprecedented ease.


Test Case Linking to Issues with Multiselection

Users can now conveniently select multiple test cases from the test list view using the multi-select feature. The addition of the "Link to Issue" button empowers users to link the selected test cases to a Jira or other TMS issue with ease. This feature optimizes the linking process, eliminating the need to individually link each test case and saving valuable time.


Multiselection Test Priority Editing

Experience an optimized test management workflow with the ability to edit priority for multiple test cases in one go. Users can easily select multiple test cases in the test tree view, streamlining the process of editing priorities.


Sync Feature File for BDD Projects

The new "Sync Feature File" option simplifies the process of updating the Feature File description after moving or drag-n-drop operations for BDD. Open the feature file, navigate to the extra menu, and use the "Sync Feature File" option to update the description in a single click. This feature improves the maintenance of Feature File descriptions, providing users with an efficient solution for keeping project documentation in sync.


Extended Edit Mode for Enhanced Editing Experience

In this release, we want to highlight an existing feature that brings a world of editing possibilities to your fingertips. The text input editor, found in forms like folder/suite/test edit forms, offers an extended editing experience reminiscent of a regular Integrated Development Environment (IDE). To access this feature, simply use the F1 shortcut key.


Enhanced Code View in Test Editor

Enjoy an upgraded code view that contributes to a more seamless and productive test editing process. Moreover, we added highlights for the code ;)


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Fixed Run status does not update in Jira when launch tests on CI
  • Fixed error when opening tag with x in Analytics
  • Fixed Test Case Title Change is not reflected in Test Run
  • Fixed The last item on the page cannot be selected with Multiselect because the functions window is blocking the checkbox
  • Improved filter interaction - filters are sticky after closing Detail-view
  • Fixed 404 error when opening Living docs
  • Fixed 404 error when opening a Company from Project settings
  • Added markdown quick actions to test suites
  • Added expiration date for Public report pop-up
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team