Release. Mixed Run in Jira, Jira Statistics, Steps Update

Launch Mixed Run In Jira

In the previous release, we presented Mixed Runs feature. This time we implement the feature for Jira plugin. Launch your manual + automated Combined Test Run directly from Jira! Automated tests will be started on CI service and manual tests will be launched as a checklist. When all tests are finished a combined Run Report will be created in


Jira Statistics Widget team keeps making headway in the Analytics feature. And with this release, we introduce Jira Traceability Matrix. This Analytics widget collects information on your tests linked to Jira story via plugin. You can track the Automation coverage, and the Success rate of your Jira Project.


Filters For Analytics

We want to bring your Analytics experience to the next level so with this upgrade we added Filters for Analytics. You can filter Analytics widgets data in different ways by execution environments or test tags. Namely, you can get information on the exact tags or environment across analytics widgets: Failures Board, Ever Failing Tests, Slowest Tests, Flaky Tests, Never Run Tests, Tags Statistics, Environments Statistics, and Jira Statistics. Also, you can search by Jira Key in Analytics widgets to get the full picture.

Also, these options are available on Global Analytics board!


Execution By Steps

You may have manual checklists consisting of a series of steps, and want to be able to take the test step by step, marking each step as passed or failed. For this purpose, we added support to the execution test by steps. Mark steps as passed, failed, or skipped during manual test execution and check steps statuses in the Run Report test view.


Manual And Automated Labels For BDD Steps

Earlier when you opened the Steps page, you could not see which steps are manual and which ones belong to automated tests. It would be useful to have it displayed next to the given step if it is used both in manual and automated tests. So we added both manual and automated labels for BDD steps.


Export Feature File via API

Some of your team members aren’t programmers and don’t know how to use Git or write BDD documents. In this case, is a great tool to let the team co-work with the online editor. You use API to sync the latest .feature files to keep them updated instead export from web UI.


Fixes And Improvements πŸ› οΈ

  • Relaunch All on CI and Relaunch Failed on CI are absent for some projects
  • Deleting one project from Jira is blocking using other linked projects
  • Read-only users' visibility in Jira Plugin
  • App became unusably slow with lots of expanded suites and folders
  • Added filters counter
  • Improved steps import from CSV/XLSX: cut numbers in steps created from the ordered list
  • Search optimization for Tests, Plans, Steps, and Pulse pages
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team