Mixed Runs, Huge Jira Plugin Update, Environments Statistics

Run Manual & Automated Tests Combined

Many teams use both automated and manual tests in quality assurance flow. To help you optimize the testing process we implemented Mixed Test Run that combines manual test execution and running tests on CI. Create one Test Plan including manual and automated tests for your testing scope. On launch, Testomat.io will send a job to your CI service and start the manual run. When finished, Testomat.io will merge all results in one Run Report, so you can see the full picture and save time.



Our Team keeps building up Testomat.io Plugin for Jira. With this release, we prepared a huge upgrade. Let's start with the most expected feature - link multiple Testomat.io projects to Jira. You can create different projects for testing different modules of your application in order to cover all parts with the most suitable frameworks. Now you can keep all these data within one Jira. Namely, you can

  • view all tests, runs, and suites from All projects aggregated on one screen for an issue
  • switch to exact projects to work with tests
  • launch manual test runs for all projects at one time, including multi-environment runs


Multi-environment Manual Execution In Jira

Some QA teams find executing manual tests directly in Jira very convinient. To meet this need we implemented multi-environment manual tests execution within Jira issue. Testomat.io will create manual test runs in form of checklists in Jira issue separately for each environment. When completed, results will be placed in a group in Testomat.


Create Jira Issue For Ongoing Test Run

You may have a very big test run that takes few days to complete. At the same time you may need to raise a defect before completing it. Now this is possible - create a Jira issue in one click during ongoin test run.


Environments Statistics Widget

We are glad to introduce you new Analytics feature: Environments Statistics. Environments are widely used in test management and can be applied to manual/ automated tests and suites. New Analytics widget shows heatmap, automation coverage, and run status by Environments. These metrics help track, and optimize your tests and improve your quality assurance coverage.


Merge Few Steps Into One Step

As any project grows and the number of tests increases steps duplicates may appear. We all understand the importance of a clean database as this affects speed and efficiency. With this release, we added a merging option for steps database. This will help keep testing data up to date and avoid duplicates.


Other Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Hints for BDD project in classical project
  • Added loader to UI
  • Fixed Export to Feature File issue
  • Fixed search result and filters pagination in steps
  • Added search by test and suite ID
  • Improved UI for Run Groups
  • Relaunch All in CI and Relaunch Failed in CI don't create a new run
🚀 Create a demo project for free and check all amazing features right now. We look forward to hearing what you think, and what other features we should do!
Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team