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šŸš€ Tests Analytics Introduced

As a test management system, Team intends to provide our users with as much valuable testing data as possible! So we are happy to present Analytics šŸ“Š
Analytics functionality is available in Professional and Enterprise plans and in Trial as well šŸ˜‰

As far as this is a brand new feature our team will be glad to receive your feedback.


šŸæ Flaky Tests

There may be some unstable automated tests on your project that sometimes fail and sometimes pass. Now not only tracks your automated tests but aggregate their statuses history, analyzes them, defines tests that are unstable, and shows them to you. You can configure these metrics. So you can give a more precise glance to prevent bugs.


šŸ¢ Slowest Tests

It is well known that automated tests need maintenance and refactoring. The Slowest Tests widget will help you to define such automated tests and help to visualize them. You can sort them by execution duration and passed/failed status to prioritize your work effectively.


šŸ’¤ Never Run Tests

There may be tests that were never executed on your project because they simply got lost or forgotten. To avoid such situations we added Never Run Tests that will show you test those ones.


šŸš© Ever Failing Tests

Ever Failing Tests is another useful Analytics widget that will show you automated tests that never passed. This feature will help you to pay attention to potential risks in your application.


šŸ€ Automation Coverage Refactoring

You are probably already familiar with the Automation Coverage widget in Analytics. This time we refined it so you can sort your tests by Suite and Automation indicators.


šŸž Defects Board Refactoring

For the Defects widget, we added the ability to group and sort defects found on the project.


More Useful Data in Run Reports

We empowered Run Reports with Flaky and Slowests tests widgets, so you receive more essential information in one place at one time.


šŸ“² Mobile Support For Public Reports

Yes, we did it! Now you can share Public Reports with your colleagues and have a quick look on your mobile device šŸ¤³ Just log in to on the mobile device and open the sent link to the public report.


Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team