Release. Global Search, Teams, Read-only Users, Snippets, Steps Refactoring

šŸŒ Global Search For Tests And Suites

With this release we added the ability to search tests and suites across all your projects. Navigating your tests and suites is much easier now! Use Ctrl+K to call Global Search and search by name or @tag within the Company.


šŸ‘„ Teams Management Under Company Settings

There may be a lot of users and projects within your company. So you need to manage project access for some users groups. With this feature, you can import all users of one project into another. Namely, you can group users into different teams to add them to different projects.


šŸ‘€ Read-only Users

Some of your company members such as managers, BA or other stakeholders may need to have read-only access to Tests, Run Reports and Analytics in order to read, but not change any data. Our Team implemented Read-only mode for such cases. You can invite Read-only user or make existing user Read-only on the Company page. This feature is available in Professional and Enterprise plans.


šŸ—ƒļø Archive For Projects

There may be completed projects that are not being developed or paused for some reason. So you may need to archive such projects not to mix up current work.
Note that once a project was archived it is placed on the Archive page, so it can be easily restored.


āœ… Run Tests As Checklist

Many QA use checklists in their daily workflow. We added a feature that allows using your test cases as a checklist. It is really useful to execute tests in the minimal mode without description in the day-to-day checks.


āœļø Run Automated Tests As Manual

Sometimes QA may need to run automated tests manually. For this purpose, we added the ability to add automated tests to the manual Test Plan, so you can run all tests in the way you need.


āœ³ļø Steps Refactoring

As Test Management System is aimed to simplify test cases creation. Namely, once you wrote a test its steps are saved in the steps database and you can use them for the next tests. The editor will create a new step and autocomplete will propose your existing steps when you start typing asterisk *.


šŸ§° Markdown Toolbar For Editor

With this release, we added a markdown toolbar for editor in Classical projects. Use markup language to add formatting elements to your tests and prettify them.


šŸ“ Steps Snippets

In order to increase usability, we added the ability to take Steps and reference multiple steps as a collection of Steps to be inserted into tests. This helps to increase the efficiency and lessen the amount of time needed to write steps in the test description.


šŸ”Œ Default CI/CD Connection

You can have many CI/CD profiles. but use only one for most test runs, so we added the ability to remember chosen CI/CD and use it by default. So you don't have to pick CI/CD connection for each test run manually.


Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team