Release. Circle CI, Improvements For Cypress and More

Circle CI Integration 🧩

With this release, we put forward Circle CI Integration. You can link project to Circle CI and feel all benefits of reporting tests. Namely

  • Launch tests in Circle CI
  • Get detailed reports in Testomatio from Circle CI
  • Relaunch all tests in Circle CI
  • Relaunch Failed tests in Circle sCI

See how it works!


Tests Artifacts And Full Support For Cypress

Yes, we know that a lot of our users love Cypress ❤️ Our Team is glad to introduce full support for Cypress, including tests artifacts 🥳 This means that tests import and reporting were improved. Also, you can get such tests artifacts as screenshots and video directly in So now you have more essential data in one place. Learn more!


Import Manual BDD Tests Directly From Source Code

If you have manual tests in the repository and want to import them into Testomatio you can use .manual.feature extension in the feature file. Tests will be imported as well as automated tests and will be marked as manual in Testomatio. For instance: mark-as-completed.manual.feature.


Filters For Test Runs

You may have a lot of Test Runs in your project, so you may need to filter them for more convenient using. For this perpose we added filters to Runs page. Now you can sort your Runs by Manual, Automated, Unfinished, Builds, Sprints and Releases.


Custom Result Messages

Each QA team and project may have different messages for marking tests during manual execution. So we added an option to set up custom result messages as templates for each project. Now executing manual tests is more appropriate!


Improved Tests UI

Our Team is improving UI/UX with each update. This time we refined Tests Filtering! Now viewing tests is more convenient.


Transfer Ownership To Another Person That Has Access To The Project

There may be cases when you need to pass project management to one of your teammates. This can be made in a few steps: Settings > Users > Make Owner. This will allow another user to add users to the project and manage the project as well.


Cheatsheet For Keyboard Navigation ⌨️

Added modal screen for quick keyboard navigation.


Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team