Release. Tests Autosave, Huge Bulk Edit Update, and Tests Reordering

Tests Autosave For Editor 🔒

Have you ever lost your tests because of a silly misclick? 😥 There may be situations when the editor can be closed accidentally without saving and all the data will be lost. So QA will need to do this work again, which leads to time loss. To avoid such trouble we added the Autosave feature. Testomatio will save your data and will suggest it when you open a suite or a test again. The feature is implemented for BDD and Classical projects and is available in all Subscription Plans 🤗


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Bulk Edit Across The Project 💡

Did you know about the way of simultaneously updating multiple items in one suite, or across multiple suites across a project? This way editing more than one thing in your project in the one space may save your time and help to reorganize tests and suites efficiently. So if you were hesitating this is a sign to try the Bulk Edit feature 😉 With this release, we implemented an ability to edit your project on suites or tests level.


Bulk Edit For Suites

Another new helpful feature is Bulk Edit for suites. We built-in Bulk Edit to the editor so you can create, reorder, update, and delete tests within a single suite straight from the editor.


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Bulk Tests Creation

We know that situations when you are overloaded or in hurry and need to create tests quickly 🥵 So you want to enter only tests names and save them for further completion. Our new feature is intended to help you. You only need to create a suite, enable Bulk toggle, enter a test per line and click Create. This feature saves QA's time and can be used for quick checklists creation.


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Jira Bulk Tests Creation ✈️

We know that Jira plugin is being widely used. So with this release, we introduce Jira Bulk Tests Creation! Now you can create your tests at high speed directly from Jira. You can be sure that your tests will be stored in so your teammates will be able to edit and execute these tests.


Reorder Suites And Tests in Sort Mode 🔃

Switch to Sort mode to reorder suites and tests or switch to Move mode to transfer suites and tests to other suites and folders.


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Search Your Test Plans 🔍

You may have a lot of test plans in the project, so you may be frustrated when you need to launch manual run for a specific plan. So we added search within your plans. Start typing the plan name and will show you matching results.


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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team