Tags Statistics, Export Tests to Spreadsheet Or Feature File, Search Upgrade

Tags Statistics In Analytics

We are glad to introduce you new Analytics feature: Tags Statistics. Tags are widely used in test management and can be applied to manual/ automated tests and suites. New Analytics widget shows heatmap, automation coverage, and run status by tags. These metrics help track, optimize your tests and improve your quality assurance process.


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Export And Import Tests In XLSX

You may need to re-use your tests for other project or save all your tests as backup as one file. This is possible with Export as Spreadsheet feature. Testomat.io will export not only your tests, but also suites information in xlsx. So you have all your testing data in one place.


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Export BDD Tests to Feature Files

Following Behavior Driven Development principles we added the ability to export BDD Scenarios to Feature Files. Now Testomat.io can generate files with the .featute extension. Specifically, you can create your BDD Features in Testomat.io, download and add them to your repository for further automation on the project.


We continue improving Testomat.io plugin for Jira and with this release, we added the Unlink test feature. You can bulk unlink tests from the Jira issue.


Search By Title, Tags, Descriptions

Testomat.io team improved search engine with this upgrade. Now it works faster and with approximate input data. For now Testomatio searches not only by title and tags, but also description.


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Tags And Tests Data Refresh

It happens that tests are actively added, but the application does not have time to update the data. For such cases, we have created options for updating data on the project, namely tags and tests. Now you can update the counters manually in Settings > Project > Recalculate Tags and Reindex Tests.


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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team