Release. Custom Charts, Saved Queries, Test Editor Update And More

Saved Testomatio Queries

We've introduced a powerful new feature that enhances your search query management capabilities: Saved Testomatio Queries. Now, you can create and save custom queries using Testomatio Query Language (TQL) for quick and easy access whenever you need them. Craft personalized queries tailored to your specific testing requirements using Testomatio Query Language. Define criteria and filters to retrieve precisely the data you need.

Once created, save your queries for instant access. No need to recreate complex queries each time you need them. Saved Testomatio Queries provide a convenient shortcut to your frequently used search criteria.


Centralized Query Management Page

Efficiently manage your saved queries by deleting those you no longer need. Keep your query list organized and clutter-free, ensuring easy navigation and access to relevant queries. Quickly locate specific queries using the search functionality or filter queries based on ownership (My Queries vs. All Queries). Access, manage, and utilize your queries seamlessly from one centralized location.


Custom Charts Turn Your Queries into Visual Insights

Exciting news! We've launched a powerful new functionality - Custom Charts, designed to visualize your test data. Leveraging the power of Testomat Query Language (TQL), Custom Charts allow you to transform your search queries into visual charts easily. You can create various visual views, including Bar, Radial Bar, Pyramid, and more. Transform complex data into insightful charts that are easy to understand and interpret.

Create, duplicate, and edit charts with ease, all while reusing existing data. Namely, generate visual insights in just a few clicks.

Unlock the potential of your test data with Custom Charts. Gain deeper insights, make informed decisions, and drive your testing processes forward with visually compelling analytics.


Enhanced Automation Coverage Widget with TQL

We've supercharged our Automation Coverage analytics widget with Testomat Query Language (TQL), enabling you to track project automation with unparalleled precision. This enhancement empowers you to gain deeper insights into your automation coverage, facilitating more informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Enhanced Test Editor: Drawing Diagrams

We've upgraded our test editor with a new feature: Drawing Diagrams. Now, when creating or editing test cases, you can easily visualize your ideas by creating diagrams directly within the editor.

Use the drawing tool to create diagrams that help illustrate your test cases. Whether it's flowcharts, process diagrams, or system architectures, you can bring your ideas to life visually.

With the ability to create diagrams within the test editor, you can keep your testing documentation organized and consolidated in one place. No need for separate diagramming tools or applications.


Update Descriptions During Test Execution

We've introduced a convenient new feature that allows you to edit test descriptions directly while executing tests. Whether you encounter outdated descriptions or want to provide up-to-date testing results, our integrated test editor on the Manual run screen makes it easy to make on-the-fly updates.

With the test editor incorporated into the Manual run screen, you can make updates without navigating away from your testing workflow, saving you time and effort. Keep your testing documentation up to date and ensure that your testing results are properly contextualized with this convenient new feature.


Code Beautifier In Markdown Editor

We've added a convenient new feature to our Markdown editor: Code Beautifier. Now, formatting your code snippets is easier than ever. Say goodbye to manually formatting your code snippets. With the Code Beautifier feature, your code is automatically formatted for improved readability and consistency.

The beautifier button is conveniently located within the Markdown editor, making it easy to access whenever you need it. No need to navigate through complex menus or settings.

Here is how you do this: select code in the editor > press beautify button> code is beautified > wrap your code in triple backticks > save your changes.


Code Block Copying

Another handy new feature to our test case descriptions: the ability to copy code blocks with ease. Now, when working with code snippets within your test case descriptions, you can quickly and effortlessly copy them for reuse or reference.

Share code examples more effectively with your team members. The ability to copy code blocks makes it easier to communicate technical details and solutions within your test case documentation.


Option To Revert Changes In Markdown Editor

Now, if you make a mistake or want to undo recent edits, you can easily revert back to a previous version of your test description with just a few clicks.


Better Visibility On Tests Authors

Empower your team with enhanced visibility into test cases and test authors. Stay informed, foster collaboration, and reinforce accountability within your testing processes with this valuable new feature.


View Test Attachments In Public Report

We've expanded the functionality of our public reports to include the ability to view test attachments. Whether it's screenshots, documents, or other relevant files, users can now gain deeper insights into test results directly from the public report. This enhancement promotes transparency and collaboration by ensuring that all pertinent information is readily available to stakeholders, even when sharing reports externally. Explore our public reports with added attachment visibility to enhance your collaboration and decision-making processes today!


Labels Search In Labels Pop-up And Settings

With a large number of labels, finding the right one can be a challenge. The Labels Search feature streamlines this process, allowing you to quickly locate labels by typing keywords or phrases.



Easy Access To Sign Out Option In Jira Plugin

Now, you can quickly log out of your Testomat account directly from the plugin interface, streamlining your workflow and ensuring security when needed.


Support S3 Connection Using IAM Roles

IAM Roles allow for dynamic generation of temporary credentials, which are only valid for a limited duration. This enhances flexibility and scalability, as users, applications, or services can assume roles as needed without requiring long-term credentials.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Improved UI for deleted tests in Run Reports: fixed Test tree break
  • Fixed Cert doesn't match the URL: fixed error in mail reports for Cisco
  • Improved launching Mixed run for broken CI: CI profile can be changed or automated tests can be executes as manual
  • Added authn_context for Azure AD SAML Auth
  • Fixed test cases mixing up in the list when duplicating the test case
  • Optimized counters for Run Groups
  • Fixed requiring password for public run report link created without password protection
  • Improved custom fields view in search results: showing labels values in test list
  • Improved labels consistency in Runs
  • Fixed saving scenario outlines after saving: the table updates accordingly
  • Fixed applying strategy for Run Groups with updating counters
  • Fixed Test run editor expand bar and scroll bar not following user in long lists
  • Fixed infinite loader issue in JIRA plugin
  • Improved saving tests position when opening editor
  • Fixed tests attachments UI on manual run screen
  • Fixed opening test run results via archives
  • Fixed Tests Move in corresponding suite
  • Improved showing tests results when changing filters to show less data
  • Improved saving behavior after editing when moving to another test case after editing current test: suggesting saving the lastest changes
  • Fixed saving Scenario Outline tables with Examples
  • Improved linking tests for branches in Jira plugin
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team