Release. Manual Completion, In-Progress Reports, Support Team Collaboration & BDD Import Fixes

Manual Completion of Automated Test Runs

This feature allows users to manually mark automated test runs as finished in Testomat. With this enhancement, users can take control of the test run status and accurately reflect the results, even in situations where the run was not properly closed through the CI pipeline.

Generate In-Progress Run Report

Introducing a new feature that allows users to generate an in-progress run report during an ongoing test execution. This enhancement will enable testers to share timely updates on the test run's progress, ensuring stakeholders are kept informed about the current status and any potential issues encountered.


Invite Support Team to Project

With the latest update, project owners now have the option to invite the Support Team to specific projects, ensuring streamlined communication and efficient issue resolution. Once Support Team is invited, they get access to your project data for 7 days.


Fixed Tests Import as BDD For Qtest

Previously, some users experienced challenges when importing BDD-style tests into QTest. This update addresses and resolves any existing issues related to BDD test importation, ensuring a smoother experience for users following BDD methodologies.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Fixed UI freeze during bulk step deletion
  • Fixed shifting UI by long Company's title
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team