Release. Cypress + BDD Support And Improvements

Cypress + BDD Support

Our Team is glad to introduce you full support for with BDD 🎉 Namely you can import your tests created with with BDD processor and run them from


Tests Tree Improvement

Did you ever need to share a test by web link? And you wanted to see suites nesting when opening a test by link. 😉 We implemented this with an ability to send URL with the anchor of the test from the editor. Now when you open a test and send its link to your project members, they will see the location of the test in the project.


Option To Delete Empty Suites

We all clearly understand that every living project changes.This also applies to test projects. Maintanence, updating and importing tests may lead to appearance of empty folders. So there may be inconvenience while deleting all the empty folders 😑 To avoid this we added an option to Delete Empty Suites with one click 😃


Better UI For BDD Editor

With this release, we introduce improved more consistent UI for BDD projects. Our Team strives to make suit the BDD paradigm in the best way. Namely, from now Scenario and Scenario Outline can be changed only while Feature File editing. This will help to avoid inconveniences in writing Features. Also, we fixed the issue with showing examples during manual testing.

Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team