Release. Configurable Run Group Duplication, Quick Test Creation, And More

Duplicate Option for RunGroups

Introducing a new capability to duplicate Run Groups within Testomat. With this feature, you can easily create a new Run Group, completely independent of any previous runs, by copying all relevant tests exactly as they are. This functionality is particularly valuable for recurring regression testing in each release, providing the flexibility to trigger the same predefined regression suite while allowing room to add additional tests to each run.

For now, you have configuration options, namely:

Assignee: Define assignee details separately, preventing them from being copied.
Issues: Choose whether to include or exclude linked issues in the duplication process.
Labels: Decide whether labels should be duplicated or omitted in the new test run.
Environments: Control the duplication of environment settings based on your requirements.
Nested Structure: Preserve or exclude the nested structure of your test groups as you duplicate them.


Add Existing Run to a Group

Now you can easily incorporate existing test runs into groups without the need for complex workarounds or duplicated efforts. This new functionality simplifies the organization of your test runs, providing greater flexibility and control over your testing processes.


Quick Test Case Creation

This feature simplifies and expedites test creation, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple steps to add tests to your suites. No more time-consuming searches or the need to open a dedicated suite before placing a test. Click the Plus button, choose a suite, and create a test—all in one seamless process.


Test Case Multi-Suite Creation

Simplify your test case management and streamline your workflow with our new Test Case Multi-Suite Creation feature. Say goodbye to the hassle of duplicating the same test case across numerous suites and hello to effortless multi-suite test case creation.

Now, when creating a test case, you have the flexibility to select multiple suites where the test case should reside. This allows you to add a test case to as many suites as necessary in a single step.


Test Webhook for Report Notifications

In our latest update, we've introduced a convenient method to verify the correctness of your report integration setup. To swiftly confirm that your report notification integrations are configured accurately, we've added a "Test Webhook" button. It works with such communication types as Slack, emails, Jira, Azure, and Microsoft Teams. When you click on the "Test Webhook" button, a default template is automatically sent to the dedicated channel, providing you with a sample notification for your reference.


User Last Activity Tracking

Previously, there was a lack of visibility into who was genuinely active on Our latest update addresses this issue by capturing the last login and activity timestamp for each user. This addition empowers you to gain a clearer understanding of user engagement and activity levels.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Disabled default autocomplete in test/suite editor
  • Fixed issue of the Tests page UI becoming unresponsive or stuck
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team