Release. Performance Boost, Newman Integration, Management and UI Updates

It's been a while since our last update, and we're thrilled to reconnect with you and share some exciting news! We've been hard at work to enhance your experience and bring you a host of new features and improvements in our latest release.

Without further ado, let's dive into the details of what's new in this release. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we're truly grateful for your continued support.

Enhanced Test Case Storage Capacity 75k Test Cases!

In this release, we are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our test management system. We have diligently worked to boost the capacity of our system, allowing you to store an impressive 75,000+ test cases effortlessly.

We improved performance for projects containing over 1000 tests. We tested performance in the following conditions:

  • Project with over 2000 suites and 70 000 tests
  • Manual run with 70 000 tests
  • Automation coverage on large projects
  • Tags coverage on large project
  • Fast deletion of big suites
  • Fast copying to other projects
  • Optimized search for large projects
  • Applying and removing labels on large suites (with over 1000 tests)

We understand that as your software projects grow in complexity and scale, so does the need for efficient test case management. Our upgraded system empowers you to maintain a comprehensive library of test cases, ensuring that your testing efforts remain organized and streamlined. With an extensive collection of test cases stored in our system, you gain valuable insights into test coverage and quality metrics. Generate comprehensive reports and analyze the distribution of test cases across various functionalities or modules. This helps you identify potential gaps in testing and make data-driven decisions to optimize your testing efforts.


Support For Detox And Newman Test Frameworks

Added support for Detox (mobile testing) and Newman (api testing) frameworks.


Integration with Newman: Effortlessly Retrieve Test Run Results

We are happy to announce the integration of Newman, the command-line tool from Postman, into our system. With this new feature, you can now retrieve and store test run results directly within our platform, enabling streamlined test execution and result management.

As Newman executes your API tests, the test run results are automatically captured and seamlessly stored within our system. This eliminates the need for manual result entry, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing the efficiency of your testing process. With test run results available in our system, you can easily share and collaborate on test outcomes with your team members. The ability to generate reports and export test results further enhances collaboration, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions based on the performance and quality of your API tests.

Documentation is here.


Account Management Enhancements

This suite includes three powerful features that enhance the overall account management experience, providing you with greater control, flexibility, and seamless transitions:

Billing User Role: The Billing User role offers specialized access and permissions related to financial management, centralizing billing processes, promoting accountability, and streamlining financial operations.

Change Company Owner: With this feature, you can easily transfer the ownership of your company's account within the system, facilitating smooth transitions during organizational changes, succession planning, and ownership transfers.

Company Deletion Option: This feature allows you to securely delete your company's presence from the system, ensuring data privacy, compliance, and simplified account management.

Together, these account management enhancements empower you to optimize your organization's usage, adapt to evolving needs, and maintain efficient financial and administrative workflows.

Domain-Based User Management

This feature allows you to define a specific email domain for your company's members within the system, delivering enhanced security and streamlined user management. By setting a domain, you can restrict member invitations and registrations to individuals with email addresses from that specific domain. Only individuals with email addresses from the designated domain can be added as authorized members, ensuring a streamlined and secure user management process. This feature is available in Professional and Enterprise plans.


Improved Search Functionality: Approximate Tag Search Capability

An enhancement to our search functionality, specifically targeting the use of tags. We have implemented an approximate search ability for tags, providing you with a more flexible and efficient way to find relevant test cases. Search by tags in format @tag*.

Searching for specific tags is now even more powerful, as our system intelligently recognizes variations or partial matches of tags, allowing you to retrieve relevant results even if the search term is not an exact match. This approximate search capability saves you time and effort by expanding the scope of search results and providing more comprehensive search coverage. This improvement in our search functionality will greatly enhance your ability to locate and retrieve relevant test cases swiftly and accurately.


Highlights for Search Results: Quickly Spot Relevant Information

A new enhancement that brings more clarity and efficiency to your search experience. We have implemented the ability to highlight relevant information in search results, allowing you to quickly identify and focus on the exact details you're looking for. When you perform a search, the system will intelligently highlight the matched keywords or phrases within the search results. These visual cues make it easier for you to quickly scan through the results and locate the specific information you're interested in. By highlighting the relevant details, we aim to streamline your search process and save you valuable time.Also, you can easily navigate through lengthy search results and pinpoint the specific occurrences of your search terms.


Flexible Test Status Transition

Our test management system now empowers you to switch the status of a test from manual to automated or from automated to manual with a simple action. This capability allows you to reflect changes in test execution methodologies, adapt to evolving requirements, and align with your testing strategies effectively.


Automation Insights for BDD Scenarios: Highlighting and Automation Coverage

This update brings enhanced automation insights to your BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) scenarios. With this new capability, you gain valuable visibility into your test automation coverage and easily identify the automated steps within your scenarios. Our latest update intelligently highlights the automated steps within your BDD scenarios. This visual cue allows you to quickly distinguish between automated and manual steps, enabling efficient tracking of your automation progress and ensuring comprehensive test coverage. By pinpointing gaps in automation coverage, you can proactively address areas that require additional automation attention, ensuring that your automated tests remain up to date and aligned with evolving system behaviors.


Badges For New Suites & Tests

The badges serve as visual indicators, prominently highlighting new suites and tests in the Test tree. As you create or import fresh content, the badges instantly draw your attention, making it easy to spot the latest additions at a glance.


Resizable Horizontal Splitter For Editor

The horizontal splitter allows you to view and edit test suites and tests side by side in a single interface. This enables you to make changes and updates more efficiently, as you can easily refer to the test suite structure while editing individual tests within it.


Refined Test Parameter Management

These enhancements empower you to manage test parameters more effectively, saving time and effort while ensuring the accuracy and relevance of your test cases. Whether it's creating new parameters, fine-tuning existing ones, or removing obsolete ones, you can now accomplish these tasks with greater efficiency and confidence.


Enhanced Image Viewer: Better Viewing For Long Images

With the enhanced Attachments Image Viewer, users can now enjoy an improved viewing experience for long images. The new functionality allows users to adjust the width and height of long images to fit their preferred viewing dimensions. Additionally, users can scroll within the full view of the image, ensuring that no details are missed and providing a seamless and comprehensive viewing experience.


Simplified Test Plan Creation

This time we enhanced the interface for creating and editing test plans in our system. The interface performs real-time validation as you fill in the test plan details.


Improved Test Result Analysis: Aggregated Results for Run Groups

We're glad to announce a minor yet impactful improvement to our test management system. With the introduction of aggregated results for run groups, we've enhanced the way you analyze and understand test performance. Easily assess the overall performance of test runs within specific run groups. Instead of reviewing each test run individually, you can now get a quick overview of how the tests perform collectively.


Enhanced Test Assignee Visibility and Filtering: Streamline Run Results

With the enhanced feature, you can easily identify test assignees directly in the Run Report. Clear indicators, such as assignee icons or labels, are displayed alongside each test, providing instant visibility into who is responsible for executing specific tests. This enhancement allows you to filter run results based on assignees. You can quickly focus on the specific tests assigned to individual team members or groups, enabling targeted analysis and streamlined collaboration.


New Endpoint For Jira API

Added new endpoint to the API for working with Jira: /api/user_projects/jiraissues. Shows all linked Jira Issues to all projects.

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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team