Release. Testomatio Reporter Update And More Reporting Features

Filter And Launch Tests by Tag, Label, Jira Ticket or Plan ID

We're excited to introduce a powerful new feature to Testomatio Reporter that allows you to take your test execution to the next level. With the addition of the --filter option, you gain the capability to filter and manage test runs based on various criteria, providing you with unparalleled control over your test organization and execution.

This enhancement empowers you to tailor your test execution to your unique requirements, whether it's selecting tests by tag, label, Jira ticket or Plan ID. With the --filter option, you can achieve precise test runs that save time and optimize your testing process.

Ready to take your test execution to the next level? Try out the this new option in Testomatio Reporter now and experience the power of customized test runs. Discover more details here!

Create Jira Issue for Run

With this new reporter feature, you can automatically assign a Run to a Jira Issue by passing the issue ID as the TESTOMATIO_JIRA_ID variable. This allows to:

  • Simplify the process of connecting your test runs with Jira Issues by passing the Jira Issue ID as a variable.
  • Ensures that the right test run is linked to the correct Jira Issue, saving time and enhancing accuracy.
  • More streamlined and automated workflow for integrating your test management with Jira.

Find out more details in dedicated documentation.

Support Multiple Companies For SSO SAML

We're excited to introduce an important new feature that enhances Single Sign-On (SSO) login functionality within our platform. Now, it's easier to support cases where one domain serves multiple companies.

The SAML SSO login screen now includes an optional "Company Name" field, allowing users to specify their company during login. Users entering their email address will be prompted to provide a company name if multiple companies are associated with the domain. With the company name provided, users will be provisioned to the exact company, ensuring a seamless and accurate login experience.


Defects Counter for Test Runs

Now, within Testomatio Reporter, you can easily track the number of defects raised during a test run. We provide a clear count of all linked issues, giving you a comprehensive overview of the quality of your testing efforts. This feature simplifies the process of analyzing test run results, helping you make informed decisions and prioritize issue resolution.


Download Excel Report for Run Groups and Selected Runs

Another new feature that enhances your reporting capabilities within Testomatio Reporter. With this feature, you can now download Excel reports for Run Groups and specific runs, allowing you to access detailed test run data in a familiar and highly versatile format. Namely, you can Generate Excel reports that provide comprehensive insights into Run Groups and individual test runs, including test case details, status, and more.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Improved 500 error handling for wrong SAML setup
  • Fixed issue with adding users to SSO Default projects
  • Fixed unused steps deletion
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team