Release. May 2021

MS Teams notification for test reports

Do you use Microsoft Teams for communication? If yes, we have good news for you!
We added MS Teams notification for executed tests 🔔 You can discover the feature in our docs.


Edit many BDD scenarios at the feature file level provides work with BDD scenarios on feature level. You can go to feature and edit/update/delete test cases at once in one file. You can edit few scenarios at the same time.


Time zone settings

🌐 Now you can set your Timezone for the project in the Account settings.


Pasting screenshot by ctrl+v

You can paste an image from the buffer directly to a test case or a test run without clicking on buttons and selecting image to be uploaded.


Hot bug fixes

🔥 We delivered fixes:

  • Slack and Email notification: improved notifications for automated Runs and Runs in parallel
  • User account settings: fixed issue with forced entering password and improved profile settings

New interface for

👷 For now, we are developing better interface for, so please do not worry about any misalignments in UI. Thank you for understanding 🙏

Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team