Release. April 2021

Continuous Integration allows executing tests on CI from its interface. A single test, suite, test plan, or all tests can be executed automatically on CI.
Currently following CI systems supported: Bamboo and GitHub Actions.
Also, can run selected test suites or tests or by tags in CI\CD.

We have an example of how this works in our docs. Click here to discover.

Runs Archive

We added Archive for Runs and Groups to the Runs tab. With this option, your reports will be never lost and your Runs screen won't be overloaded.

Screenshot-at-Apr-11-21-01-02 Notifications can send notifications for finished runs. Using this feature you can now:

  • send brief reports to stakeholders
  • notify team members on failed tests
  • configure on which condition notification should be sent

We added Slack integration for getting test reports in your channel.

You can enable and customize Notifications for Email and Slack in the Settings tab.
Please see dedicated documentation here.

Public Report

Do you need to share your Run Report with an unregistered user? No problem! With you can publish your Report and send it as a detached post.


Test Plans tab

We added a new option to provide quick access to your Test Plans. Now you can add and edit Test Plans much easier! Within this option, you can work both with Manual and Automated on CI test runs.


Create a new step from undefined step in BDD scenario

Now you can add new steps to your BDD projects easier. allows adding new steps to your Steps database while creating or editing scenarios.


Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team