Azure DevOps Integration, Test Runs Functionality Build Up, Jira Sprints, API Extension

Azure DevOps Integration 🔄

We are glad to put forward Azure DevOps Integration 🥳 You can link project to Azure DevOps and feel all benefits of reporting tests:

  • Launch tests in Azure DevOps
  • Get detailed reports in Testomatio from Azure DevOps
  • Relaunch all tests in Azure DevOps
  • Relaunch Failed tests in Azure DevOps


See how it works here

Create Tickets In GitHub Issues & Azure Board From

Quality assurance is closely connected to Issue management, which involves documenting the issues. provides Issues Management Systems integration to meet this need and link your testing data to your Issue Management Systems, such as GitHub Issues & Azure Board.


Learn how it works here.

Now you can add a link to your Test, Suite, or Run Report without connecting any Issues Management System. This allows binding important data to enrich your testing flow. See more details here.


JIRA Sprints View

JIRA sprints are widely used in the software development process. So we added the Sprints feature to JIRA integration. Track your project Test Coverage on sprints view.


Test plans are used in the day-to-day testing process. You may need to have a set of tests created in in your JIRA story. Now you can easily link tests by a Test plan.


API For JIRA Issues, Test Plans And Analytics

API is commonly used for building custom solutions and getting specific metrics. So it can be used to get testing analytics for your project. provides API for Tests, Runs, Test Plans, Jira Issues, Analytics, and more.


Compare Test Runs

Select test runs and see a visual display of the similarities and differences. Compare your run reports and analyze them by such parameters as Flaky, Revieved, Degraded, and more.


Edit An Ongoing Test Run

There may be situations when you need to change or add something to a launched Test Run without re-starting it. With this release, we added the ability to Manual Run functionality. Start a manual run and edit:

  • add a test or a set of tests
  • add/remove environments
  • add/remove users
  • change title


Assign Multiple Users To A Test Run

This time we implemented assigning multiple users to a Manual Test run. Add as many users as needed to perform full-scale testing using one of the strategies:

  • None: users won't be automatically assigned to tests inside this run. As a manager, you can assign users manually when run is started.
  • Prefer test assignee: tests inside this run will be automatically assigned to users responsible for them.
  • Randomly distribute tests between team members: tests inside this run will be equally split between team members. The manager won't be assigned to any test.


Move Runs To RunGroups

Move your Runs to RunGroups or root easily with Move option. Organize and store your test results the way you need.


Improvements For Run Reports UI

Sort your ongoing tests by statuses


Sort run results by manual/automated


Track Test Run completeness


Tags View On Tests Page

Launch your tests by tags directly from the Tests page. There is no more need to create extra test plan for launching tests by a single tag.


Fixes And Improvements 🛠️

  • Fixed Error:** Microsoft Teams** hook URL is required when set up MS Teams notification
  • Improved ESC(close) button UI to look more noticeable
  • Added Link all tests button when linking a test in Jira plugin
  • Fixed filter expression in notifications rules engine
  • Fixed new test plan is not shown within the plans
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Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team