Release. November 2021

Move a Suite To Root/Another Folder

When working with a project you may need to reorder existing suites, so moving the suite to another folder or to the root is quite helpful. For this purpose team implemented moving suites to the root and another folder.


Test Plans Improvements

Test Plan as a document describing software testing scope is the basis for testing any software/product in a project. So it is essential to create a test plan that will suit your testing needs precisely.
For this purpose, we improved the Plans feature. Namely, you can:

  • filter tests by a tag or a phrase
  • pick certain tests within a suite in search results
  • create separate manual and automated test plans - will suggest matching tests type (manual or automated)


Keep Structure of Source Code

When tests in source code have IDs assigned and those tests are imported, uses the current structure in a project to put the tests in. To force using the structure from the source code, use --keep-structure flag on import.

Easy to Use Import UI provides options for test import to make automated tests management better. We added the most common options to the Import page UI so you don't need to type it every time you are going to synchronize or update your tests.


Defects Board 🐞

Your team may require visualizing your current status on the project. This is implemented with Defects Board. There you can see defects from the latest test runs, navigate to the suite, latest test run, and the failed test itself.


Automation Coverage Board

As a management system for automated tests, team created an Automation Coverage Board where you can track the progress of automation coverage on the project.


🔃 Import Into a Branch

You may need to add tests for a new feature, but you don't want to affect existing suites and tests. Now you can work on automated tests within a branch without affecting the project and merge your work to Main.


Tooltip For a Branch Name in Jira Plugin

🤓 We are improving features and Jira plugin is not exception. With this release we added a tooltip for a branch name, so using plugin is more convenient.


🎥 Video Support For Attachments

Attaching a short video may be very useful for the testing process, so our team decided to add the ability to watch the attached video directly from


Help & Feedback Within a Project

🤓 You may have some questions regarding features during your work, so we added the Help section to Menu. Now you can find any information or raise a question/issue easier.


↪️ Import From TestRail and qTest

You may have a lot of test cases in qTest or TestRail and would like to migrate quickly in 1 click to Our team provided import based on generated csv/xls file from qTest and TestRail.


Companies Feature to Manage Your Team Team implemented Companies feature to simplify work with your team. Now your projects may be stored in Companies and you can manage your team members effectively by using different roles. Also, you can share projects with other contributors and not shuffle them. You can find more information in our documentation.


Testomatio Team

Testomatio Team